HERCULES in the world

In 2016, the Moscow 4x4 Tundra tuning studio launched the HERCULES 6x6 project, which has no analogues in the world of Toyota Tundra tuning practice.
Project concept

Go beyond the limits of the possible, implement innovative ideas and make a car with a bright appearance, unlimited functionality and exceptional reliability. It was this task that our team faced in the process of creating HERCULES 6×6. The accumulated experience, the experience of implementing large-scale projects and a close-knit team of qualified specialists from designers to craftsmen made it possible to develop an SUV that radically changes the idea of ​​standard cars of this class. This is a universal car, which is suitable for performing in various exhibitions, as well as for overcoming obstacles of any complexity and participating in full-scale expeditions.

We accept orders for the development of technical and design
concepts for the further construction of an exclusive SUV

Package Name
5.7 AT 6x6 Crew Max SR5
Release period
august 2018
Type of drive
Full (6WD)
Body type
Type of transmission
Automatic transmission 6
Engine displacement, cc
Body brand
Ground clearance (ride height), mm
Build country
Number of doors
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List of Design Changes


Transmission 6×6 ORM Suspension gearbox (gear ratio 1: 1)

3rd axis gearbox offset by 150 mm (manufacturing half shafts of different lengths)

Change cardan length from RCP to ORM gearbox by 135 mm

Replacing the main pairs in the axles with a gear ratio of 4.88

Installation of cross-axle airblocks ARB in three axes

Reinforced automatic transmission with a modernized algorithm of operation and an additional cooling radiator with an electric fan and the possibility of forced inclusion

TOYOTA transfer case with operating modes:

  • rear-wheel drive (two rear axles through the differential);
  • full through differential (between front and rear axles);
  • full with a hard center lock between the front and rear axles;
  • low gear (three axles with center lock).
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