Engineering solutions


Transmission 6×6 ORM Suspension gearbox (gear ratio 1: 1)

3rd axis gearbox offset by 150 mm (manufacturing half shafts of different lengths)

Change cardan length from RCP to ORM gearbox by 135 mm

Replacing the main pairs in the axles with a gear ratio of 4.88

Installation of cross-axle airblocks ARB in three axes

Reinforced automatic transmission with a modernized algorithm of operation and an additional cooling radiator with an electric fan and the possibility of forced inclusion

TOYOTA transfer case with operating modes:

  • rear-wheel drive (two rear axles through the differential);
  • full through differential (between front and rear axles);
  • full with a hard center lock between the front and rear axles;
  • low gear (three axles with center lock).


Installation of a TRD mechanical supercharger (increase in power up to 540 l / s, torque up to 773N / m)

Installing an air filter with reduced resistance TRD

Upgraded exhaust system


Springs front suspension Den Springs.

Shock absorbers ORM Suspension (on the front axle, two shock absorbers per wheel).

Installing Watt rods on the second rear axle.

Installation of longitudinal rods (two on the rear axles).

Air suspension of two rear axles (with control from the passenger compartment) and pneumatic signal Tifon T-9.

The brakes

Front axle Proma 380x

Rear axles Proma 355x


Tires GoodYear Kevlar M / T 38-14.5 R17

Forged wheels TRD 5-150 ET + 50


Front power bumper composite 10 mm ABC-Design (built-in winch).

Composite rear power bumper 6 mm with integrated turn signal and brake light ABC-Design.

Bonnet-turbo composite with air intakes ABC-Design.

Composite radiator grill with built-in additional lights ABC-Design.

Visor above the windshield for installing running lights and road train lights.

Oversized exterior mirrors, oversized (for use with a camper or trailer).

Composite front fenders for installing larger wheels 37+ ABC-Design.

Composite rear fenders of increased length, under two axes ABC-Design.

The cargo compartment has an increased length of up to 2970 mm, with airtight boxes with a total volume of 1200 liters.

Safety arches in the cargo compartment, with brake light repeaters.

Fully heated windshield.Fully heated windshield.

External painting with Line-X protective polymer.


Superior front seats (8 adjustments, heating, ventilation).

Seats, door cards, a dashboard, an automatic transmission shift knob console, a box between the front seats – Nappa automotive leather from the Hans Reinke catalog (Germany).

Ceiling, racks of doorways, sun visors – Alcantara (Italy).

Copper inlay is used on decorative inserts.

Installed head audio device Tesla-Style, display diagonal 12.1 inches (OC Android0.1).

Russification of the instrument panel and on-board computer.

Weapon safe under the rear seats.

Soundproofing the cabin 2-4-layer.

WeatherTech Carpets.

Lighting devices

Headlights additional light of increased light output Aurora 4800 Lm – 4 pcs. installed on the light bar of the front bumper.

Additional dipped beam headlights Rigid SAE 5280 Lm, installed in the grille.

Atvgroup running lights mounted in a visor above the windshield.

Recon road train lights mounted in a visor above the windshield.

Main beam headlamp Prolight 38016 Lm, equipped with a lifting-lowering system, mounted on a safety arc in the cargo compartment.

Rigid Chase lights operating modes: daytime running lights, side lights, reverse with a return of 715 Lm, stop signal with pulsation mode, backlighting of the inside of the cargo compartment.

Optional equipment

Era-Glonass emergency response system, operating both in manual mode and in automatic mode.

Runva electric winch with a pulling force of 12,500 lbs, mounted in the front bumper.

Headlight washers Hella.

Information system for monitoring tire pressure on 6 wheels.

Electric Spare Wheel Bracket.

Protection of aggregates composite 12 mm ABC-Design.

Breathers of all units are taken out of the reach of water.